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The Power of the Arts

Once upon a time there was a little girl who always ran around singing and dancing. “There is a tune in me,” she would say to her mother. She truly believed she could hear music in her head. One day her mother bought her a notebook and her little songs began spilling out on the pages.


Over the years, the little girl joined a dance class, a piano class, and then a theatre class making The Fine Arts Association her home away from home. She watched the big kids perform on stage and would longingly gaze up at them and think, “I wish I was just like them.”

Her mom took her to see plays of all shapes and sizes. Those, especially The Lion King, enchanted the little girl; the excitement and energy gave her goosebumps. “Oh, if I could only be a part of that,” she would imagine.

As she grew, her dreams grew. She longed to learn more. In high school, she joined the choir and found a mentor in her choir director. He saw something special in the girl and inspired her to look at music in new ways.

Now this girl is a young woman with a degree in composition. She teaches children piano, music, dance and voice. She hones her professional skills as an unpaid dancer in a dance company. Still encouraged by her choir director mentor, she creates her very own compositions. With her dance company, the young woman will perform her first choral and choreography piece locally this year!


Lo and behold, the little girl surely did have a tune inside and, yes, there was music in her head! Today this young woman spills out those lyrics and compositions… and dreams of one day having her own published “notebooks.”

…a true story.

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Stories illustrate the true Power of the Arts! It’s the stories that show the long-lasting positive impact the arts have on the lives of the children, youth and adults that The Fine Arts Association serves. Your donation today ensures that our students will continue to find FAA a nurturing, healthy place for people of all ages and abilities to dream, imagine, create and express themselves through their art. Thank you for your support. 

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