Visual Art Classes at Fine Arts...

Drawing Classes

Small class sizes, studio-based setting and professional instruction are the basis of FAA drawing classes. Project and technique focus varies with each session, allowing students to acquire skills in various mediums. Mediums include: chalk, crayon, graphite, marker, pastel, pen and ink, colored pencils and more! Teens are invited to bring a picture or other object to class as a core project which they complete during their class session.

Painting Classes

Want to learn something new or perfect your technique? The Fine Arts Association's painting classes provide the novice through advanced student the opportunity to explore paint mediums (acrylic, tempera, watercolors and more) while working in a studio-style, supportive environment.

Creative Painting and Drawing Classes

The perfect combination! Students learn the basics of drawing and painting as they work in multiple mediums: pastels, charcoal, tempera paint, watercolors and more. Observation and imagination are encouraged as students develop their creative and technical skills and create their own art portfolio.

Mixed Media Classes

Want to explore a bit of everything? Learn something new? From self-portraits to collage to cartooning to sewing and design, these classes provide the opportunity for creative kids.


Ceramics projects are varied by age and interests. Students create all projects from clay. Projects are then glazed and fired onsite at The Fine Arts Association. Project examples include: trinket boxes, animals, plates, cups, frames, coil pots, piggy banks, baskets, tiles, beads and more!

Some Visual Arts classes require students to purchase their own tools and supplies. The ceramics classes for teens and adults have an additional clay fee of $10 per bag. Ceramics tools are available for $12 per kit. Ceramics tools and clay can be purchased at the Customer Service Center. Unless indicated, most courses are designed to permit students to continue from previous sessions. New students are always welcome!

Please note that only ceramics projects completed onsite during class at The Fine Arts Association will be fired using Fine Arts equipment.

Visual Arts Classes at a Glance

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FAA Visual Arts Faculty

  • Diane Fleisch-Hughes
  • Janeane Grisez
  • Brittany Weisbarth
  • Kathy Mercer
  • Linda Merchant
  • Sandra Patterson
  • Hannah Sandham
  • Melissa Sexstella
  • Dianne Stiver-Lang
  • Mary Urbas