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Movement and Rhythm in Dance

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Dress Requirements for Dance Classes

The Fine Arts Association's dance program allows students to enter at any level and/or style appropriate to both ability and age. Students new to Fine Arts with previous study in dance will be scheduled for a placement assessment by appointment with a dance faculty member. Students are evaluated annually to continue proper placement in a challenging class setting. Please note: Ages are guidelines for each dance level.

Young dancers are offered creative movement and ballet/tap combination classes which provide a basic foundation of dance terminology and movements. Using familiar locomotor and non-locomotor steps, students develop increased coordination and spatial awareness.

After studying at these levels, it is typical for a student to continue their dance education in classical ballet, tap and/or jazz. Serious dancers should consider pursuing study in all three styles as the demands of the profession require versatility. For tap, jazz and modern students, parallel study in ballet is strongly recommended as dancers refine placement/alignment while performing demanding stylized choreography.

Students studying in the upper levels will develop technical proficiency, style and performance qualities as they are challenged by advanced vocabulary and complex combinations.

All dance classes are progressive and continue for the full school year (September through June). Most dance classes participate in the annual Dance Recital. The youngest dance classes participate in an informal Sharing Day.

From the disciplined beauty of ballet to the staccato click of the taps and dynamics of jazz, dance has remained one of the strongest disciplines at the School of Fine Arts. Study at Fine Arts has enabled many of its students to pursue higher education at prestigious schools of dance and to begin a career as a dancer. The Fine Arts staff is indeed more than qualified to lead in such training. The School's dance department provides a learning environment where students receive the care and attention needed to become professional, self-confident dancers, in addition to acquiring an appreciation of dance as an art form.

Our dance curriculum now also offers fitness programs in Pilates and Yoga for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Dance performances play an important role in the School. Students eagerly await their turn to pirouette on stage in front of parents and supporters. Performing opportunities not only give experience to the future dancer, they give confidence and enjoyment to all students.

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Fine Arts Dance Faculty

  • Jessie Barbarich, Ballet/Tap
  • Kailei Fields, Ballet/Break Dancing/Contemporary/Hip Hop/Jazz/Tap/FAA Krew Ensembles
  • Lisa-Marie French, Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Modern/Musical Theatre
  • Beatrice Hammett-Parker, African Dance/Ballet/Tap/Zumba
  • Darlene Kelbach-Yoga
  • Rebecca Sanders, Ballet/Jazz/Modern/Tap/Dance Factory Ensembles
  • Jan Smith, Ballet

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