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Music Therapy

Individual and group sessions available both in-person and virtually.

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Early childhood music classes provide hands-on explorations of music through the use of instruments, movement and song. The Suzuki Method of music instruction engages children as young as 3 years of age in private music instruction.

Performance Groups, including Suzuki groups, support students in acquiring music skills and provide them community performance opportunities.

Private music instruction is available in most instruments – from voice to tuba. One-on-one music lessons are taught by a professional faculty and enable children and adults to obtain skills in an instrument in a positive setting which also provides ongoing performance opportunities. Whether you want to learn to play an instrument for personal enjoyment or are interested in pursuing a career in music, our highly educated, skilled teaching artists can assist you in meeting your goals.

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki began to teach music by applying the basic principles of learning language.  When learning a language, one listens, speaks, reads and writes, in that order.  In the Suzuki approach, the student listens, plays, then reads and writes.  This approach, now called “The Suzuki Method,” is appropriate for children ages 3 years and older and is taught by specially trained faculty at The Fine Arts Association.

What is different about The Suzuki Method?

  • Parental involvement. Parents attend weekly private lessons and group classes with their child and serve as home teachers during the week.
  • Formal music training may begin at age 3 for stringed instruments and age 4 or 5 for piano.
  • Repeated listening to recordings of the pieces is the single most powerful factor in the success of the Suzuki method. It is akin to the natural way one learns a language through their environment.
  • Repetition is essential in learning to play an instrument. Each music piece becomes a building block for the careful development of technique.
  • Group participation. In addition to private lessons, students participating in Suzuki instruction are strongly encouraged to participate in weekly group lessons and recitals. Group lessons provide new opportunities to learn with others, provide motivation and also teach music theory, history and music appreciation. 

FAA Suzuki Faculty: 

New workshops brought to you by visiting artists and FAA faculty

New workshops brought to you by visiting artists and FAA faculty

Little ones can explore Music Makin', Leapin' Literature, and more!

Little ones can explore Music Makin', Leapin' Literature, and more!



Growing Opportunities

Continue to expand opportunities to perform and learn from professional instructors.
Instructor: Michael Lund Ziegler
at Lake Erie College for grades 9th to 12th.

Through a partnership with Lake Erie College, Fine Arts wind, brass, and percussions students have the unique opportunity to participate in the Lake Erie College Wind Ensemble. The Wind Ensemble strives to cultivate a culture of excellence in music performance while exploring the best of the wind band repertoire. This includes works for full wind ensemble as well as works for smaller conducted and unconducted wind chamber music performed by subsets of the larger ensemble.

Membership is by audition only.

Interested in auditioning? Please contact Michael Lund Ziegler, 

Accepted students can register for the Lake Erie College Wind Ensemble through FAA Customer Service by calling (440) 951-7500 x2

FAA Music Faculty

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