Suzuki Instruction

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki began to teach music by applying the basic principles of learning language.  When learning a language, one listens, speaks, reads and writes, in that order.  In the Suzuki approach, the student listens, plays, then reads and writes.  This approach, now called “The Suzuki Method,” is appropriate for children ages 3 years and older and is taught by specially trained faculty at The Fine Arts Association.

What is different about The Suzuki Method?

  • Parental involvement. Parents attend weekly private lessons and group classes with their child and serve as home teachers during the week.
  • Formal music training may begin at age 3 for stringed instruments and age 4 or 5 for piano.
  • Repeated listening to recordings of the pieces is the single most powerful factor in the success of the Suzuki method. It is akin to the natural way one learns a language through their environment.
  • Repetition is essential in learning to play an instrument. Each music piece becomes a building block for the careful development of technique.
  • Group participation. In addition to private lessons, students participating in Suzuki instruction are strongly encouraged to participate in weekly group lessons and recitals. Group lessons provide new opportunities to learn with others, provide motivation and also teach music theory, history and music appreciation. 

Fine Arts Suzuki Faculty