Private Music Instruction

The Fine Arts Association offers private music instruction for preschoolers through senior citizens.

Why study music at The Fine Arts Association?

  • Professional Faculty
  • Well-equipped, private music studios (most equipped with Steinway grand pianos)
  • Scholarships, both need-based and achievement-based are available
  • Traditional music instruction and The Suzuki Method of instruction (for children beginning at age 3) are offered!
  • Connect with a community of arts! Music, dance, theatre and visual arts are offered all under one roof.
  • Participation in Recitals: The Fine Arts Association provides regular opportunities for music students to perform in recitals. General recitals are free and the community is welcome!

In addition, hands-on music instruction benefits people of all ages throughout their lives, including:

  • Promoting self-expression and inspiring creativity
  • Developing and refining motor skills and coordination
  • Enhancing academic performance, especially in math and literacy skills
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Better speech comprehension, stronger language skills and executive function (Journal of Neuroscience, 2013)

Seeking a music exploration experience for 2 1/2-5 year olds? Individual music exploration lessons (exploring and introducing various instruments – piano, guitar, percussion) are available with Ann Marie Raddell, MT-BC, NICU MT. This is a perfect precursor to traditional private music lessons.  See Customer Service for pricing and scheduling.

For Adapted Piano Lessons for children through adults with special learning needs, see Music Therapy.

Suzuki Instruction

In Suzuki instruction, the parent and teacher work together to nurture the child's growth as a musician. Students may start as young as 3 years old. Children and their parents are expected to attend weekly private lessons and group classes. Student recitals, play-ins and other fun events are offered throughout the year.

Fees & Enrollment for Music Instruction

Music students are asked to commit to taking 18 half-hour lessons during the Fall and Spring Sessions and 6 half-hour lessons during the Summer Session. However, new students may register for private music lessons any time throughout the year. Hour-long lessons are also available.

You can register for music lessons and inquire about an instructor’s schedule and fees by calling our Customer Service Center at (440) 951-7500.

To register for music lessons, call our Customer Service Center at (440) 951-7500.

Fine Arts Music Faculty

For a complete list of faculty bios, click here.


  • Dr. Bryan DePoy, Trumpet
  • Kenneth Hughes, Tuba/Euphonium
  • Dr. Matthew C. Saunders, Trombone


  • Denny Carleton
  • George Gecik
  • Alfredo Guerrieri
  • Joe Wheelock


  • Greg Kochan


  • Bella Brandelis
  • Rita Cyvas-Kliorys
  • Cliff Habian
  • Sanni Kearns
  • Barbara Klonowski
  • Feroza LaBonne
  • Darryl Lewis
  • Maryann Messina
  • Dr. Timothy Minnis
  • Marge Syroney


  • Bella Brandelis, Violin
  • Natalia DePoy, violin
  • Jonathan "Skip" Edwards, Cello
  • Lauren Godfrey, Violin
  • Alfredo Guerrieri, String Bass
  • Rebecca Wanyu Kuo, Cello
  • Dr. Carol Linsenmeier, Violin/Viola/Cello


  • David Fuller
  • Bob Godfrey
  • Darryl Lewis
  • Doreen Mattson
  • Phyllis Speirs


  • Charles Baker, Clarinet/Saxophone
  • Judith Elias, Flute
  • Ed Michaels, Saxophone