Scholarships at The Fine Arts Association

The Fine Arts Association is dedicated to ensuring that the opportunity for arts education is available to all who desire it. Through the support of private funding sources, we proudly offer scholarships for qualifying students in four distinct categories: 

  1. Financial Need Scholarships 
  2. Creative Arts Therapies Scholarships
  3. Dedication Scholarships
  4. Music Achievement Scholarships

Scholarship recipients will be notified via email. To accept, a response is required. If you wish to not accept the scholarship, you must notify Customer Service within the following week of the given offer.

All Applications for the Fall 2021 Semester are due by Saturday, June 19, 2021.

If you are in need of assistance with the scholarship application and/or submission process, please contact Customer Service at 440-951-7500 x2 

Financial Need Scholarships

FAAs Financial Need Scholarships are available to families earning under 200% of the federal poverty level or those with considerable extenuating circumstances. 

Applicants are asked to submit proof of income.

The Fine Arts Association’s Sarah Weeden Richardson Minority Scholarship Committee’s mission is to raise funds to support scholarships for students with financial needs and students from all levels of ability with an emphasis on students of color. More information can be found here.

A guideline form and an application form will be available on this page soon. 

At this time, if you are interested in applying, please email Beatrice Parker

Creative Arts Therapies Scholarships

FAA’s Creative Arts Therapies Scholarships are available to clients seeking art or music therapy or participation in adapted programming. 

To be eligible for assistance, the client (or household) must experience considerable extenuating circumstances and/or earn under 200% of the federal poverty level

Applicants are asked to submit proof of income.  

Dedication Scholarships

FAA’s Dedication Scholarships reward students’ dedication to FAA and their craft. 

Considerations include length of tenure at FAA and faculty referral information.

For FAA Faculty members who wish to refer a student for a Dedication Scholarship, please fill out and submit the “Referral” form.

Music Achievement Scholarships

Uniquely available to FAA’s private music students, the Music Achievement Scholarships are awarded based on adjudicated live audition. 

Awarded in four age brackets, students are rewarded for their performance in the live audition. 

Support FAA

FAA provides scholarships for families facing economic challenges, discounted student group rates, free community concerts, senior citizen packages, and free benefit dress rehearsals for organizations serving people with disabilities.