Theatre Study at
The Fine Arts Association

Theatre students of all ages explore and develop their acting skills through a variety of immersive, hands-on theatre classes designed for learning and fun. For each age level we offer both beginning and advanced level classes depending on the student’s needs and ability. Basic techniques include, but are not limited to: vocal projection, diction, memorization, and blocking (stage placement). In advanced classes students will hone their craft, as well as become more comfortable with character choices and development, script analysis, stage presence, and line delivery. Students with prior training from outside organizations will meet with faculty to determine placement in various programs.

Private Acting Study

Refine your technique with individual attention. Contact the director of education at 440-951-7500 x118 for further information.

Music Man performers

FAA Theatre Faculty

  • Doriann D'Apice
  • Lisa-Marie French
  • Dawn Hill
  • Darryl Lewis
  • Sandy Kosovich Peck
  • David Malinowski
  • Justin Steck