Private Music Lessons with FAA

From violin, guitar, and piano to voice, flute and MORE, FAA has over 20 music faculty who are among the top instructors in Northeast Ohio!  

500 students of all ages and abilities take private music lessons per year at FAA
20+ Music faculty who are among the top instructors in Northeast Ohio
7 music areas: Brass, Music Therapy, Percussion, Piano, Strings, Voice, and Woodwinds
Annual recitals
Partnerships with local schools and colleges

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Private music students are asked to commit to 18 lessons per session. However, new students may register for private music lessons any time throughout the year. Hour-long lessons are also available.

For those registering for a private lesson at FAA for the first time, please fill out this form

Lesson fees are charged per half hour and vary by instructor. To inquire about an instructor’s schedule and fees by calling our Customer Service Center at (440) 951-7500 x100

Information about Scholarships at FAA can be found here 

Does your young learner express an interest in private music instruction?

Available to any student:  Our music therapists are available to provide an introduction to independent music lessons, help determine preference for select instruments, teach general music concepts in an engaging way, and foster a love of music learning for even the littlest maestro!  Please call for more information and to learn more about our early childhood programming.  For adapted music lessons for children through adults, contact Creative Therapies Coordinator, Ann Marie Raddell at 440-951-7500 x4 or email

In Suzuki instruction, the parent and teacher work together to nurture the child’s growth as a musician. Students may start as young as 3 years old. Children and their parents are expected to attend weekly private lessons and group classes. Student recitals, play-ins and other fun events are offered throughout the year.

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki began to teach music by applying the basic principles of learning language.  When learning a language, one listens, speaks, reads and writes, in that order.  In the Suzuki approach, the student listens, plays, then reads and writes.  This approach, now called “The Suzuki Method,” is appropriate for children ages 3 years and older and is taught by specially trained faculty at The Fine Arts Association.

  • Parental involvement. Parents attend weekly private lessons and group classes with their child and serve as home teachers during the week.
  • Formal music training may begin at age 3 for stringed instruments and age 4 or 5 for piano.
  • Repeated listening to recordings of the pieces is the single most powerful factor in the success of the Suzuki method. It is akin to the natural way one learns a language through their environment.
  • Repetition is essential in learning to play an instrument. Each music piece becomes a building block for the careful development of technique.
  • Group participation. In addition to private lessons, students participating in Suzuki instruction are strongly encouraged to participate in weekly group lessons and recitals. Group lessons provide new opportunities to learn with others, provide motivation and also teach music theory, history and music appreciation. 
  • Lake Erie Wind Ensemble
  • Vocal Motion
  • Coached Chamber Ensembles
FAA is proud to bring in a number of talented guest artists for concerts, recitals, and masterclasses. FAA students enjoy the opportunity to be inspired by and learn from the best.

Whether you choose to pursue music recreationally or professionally, FAA has a pathway for YOU!

From birth to age 99+, FAA offers private music lessons to ALL ages and ALL abilities!

Both in-person and virtual instruction are available!

Meet the Instructors

Click on the image to read more about each FAA Private Music Instructor. Pinch on the image to zoom in on the image. To inquire for lessons, please either fill out an inquiry form, or call Customer Service (440) 951-7500 x100


Music Therapy

To learn more about FAA’s Music Therapists and the Creative Arts Therapies program, please click here


To learn more about FAA’s Music Therapists and the Creative Arts Therapies program, please click here