Dress Requirements for Dance Classes



  • Leotard
  • Tights
  • Skirt
  • Ballet Slippers
  • Tap shoes
  • Hair out of face


  • Dance pants
  • Fitted shirt
  • Ballet slippers
  • Tap shoes



Option 1 (Females):

  • Pink tights 
  • Black leotard 
  • Black skirt or no skirt 
  • Pink leather ballet technique shoes/slippers
  • Hair pinned up off the neck
  • No pony tail for ballet 1 or higher 
  • No dangly jewelry

Option 2 (Males):

  • Black Leggings or tights to the ankle
  • White or grey socks
  • Black leather ballet technique shoes/slippers
  • Tight fitting black, white, or grey T-shirt
    • Solid, no logo or graphic
    • no bare arm pits

Hip Hop

  • Black Athletic attire  
  • Tennis shoes
  • No dangly jewelry
  • Hair in ponytail, cleanly down, or in a hat


Option 1 (Females):

  • Black tights, leggings or shorts  
  • Sports bra or tank top
  • Foot undies (tan) and Contemporary shoes (tan)
  • Hair in ponytail or bun 

Option 2 (Males):

  • black or grey above the knee shorts. No large logos or graphic.
  • plain white, grey, or black form-fitting tank top
  • black contemporary shoes or barefoot


  • Black Athletic attire  
  • Tap shoes
  • No dangly jewelry
  • Hair in ponytail

For further questions, please reach out to your instructor or contact the Customer Experience team.