Who We Are

Guided by our values of Equity, Integrity, Growth, and Community, The Fine Arts Association seeks to Create and Discover Beauty to foster a Community Empowered by the Arts. 

Our Mission
Create and Discover Beauty

This reflects our highest aspirations for our organization as we strive for artistic excellence and represents the pedagogical principal in all our educational programs and performances.

We use this statement provocatively understanding that the word beauty is a subjective concept. Yet we see beauty in much more than the art itself. We see beauty in the process of Creation and Discovery. We see beauty when a child learns how to make their first sound on a flute or paints their first picture. We see beauty when a previously shy student can deliver their first lines on stage. We see beauty when a child struggling with emotional or communication challenges can positively express themselves and what they feel through Music or Art Therapy. We see beauty in the inspiration our students, teachers, performers, and clients provide and the aspirations they hold onto firmly.

We see beauty in everyone and the potential they have to inspire and be inspired. We see beauty in art and the beauty in the humanity that creates art. Our hope is that as each person Creates and Discovers Beauty, they also discover and affirm the beauty we share in our common humanity often found in the diverse talents we are given, the skills we develop, and the rich cultural heritages we share.

Our Vision
A Community Empowered by the Arts

What does a “community empowered by the arts” look like?

A Community Empowered by the Arts is a collection of people able to:

    • Create
    • Discover
    • Converse
    • Experience life more fully
    • Tackle difficult social conversations
    • Celebrate
    • Heal
    • Find their inner voice
    • Participate in the arts
    • Be arts consumers

A Community Empowered by the Arts is:

    • A community of individuals transformed by the process and experience of creation and discovery. 
    • A more connected community as members discover and reflect a greater mutual appreciation for its diversity and differing forms of expression.
    • A more economically robust community as arts contribute significant dollars directly and indirectly to local economies each year and helps drive economic benefit through concerts, art exhibitions, and much more.

Equity | Integrity | Growth | Community

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We value Equity


We will express this by providing a welcoming environment and by promoting policies and behaviors that invite diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Equity will be reflected in our hiring practices, our financial development and spend, the diverse types of people we serve and include, the types of programs we offer, the types of partnerships we form, and where we provide services.

We Value Integrity


We will model excellence to build lasting trust in everything we do.

Integrity will be reflected in our customer service, our programs, and performances, and by delivering on our promise to funders and partners. We will have the highest aspirations throughout the organization for all we produce internally and externally.

We value Growth


We will express this by nurturing creativity, innovation, and self-discovery in all that we do. We will expect growth from all and will build an environment that supports and results in growth.

We will encourage growth quantitively AND qualitatively providing space and support for personal, professional, enrollment, performance, and financial growth.

We value Community


Our desire is to change lives through the power of the arts; to open new possibilities and create more vibrant communities.

We will create and experience community by realizing and exercising the power of transformation and always asking, “How do we best impact the community around us and make a positive impact within it?”

Your Center for Arts Education and Performance

Welcome to The Fine Arts Association! Offering classes, private music lessons, theatre performances, concerts and cultural activities, The Fine Arts Association is dedicated to keeping the flow of imagination, creativity and expression flowing. We reach out to the community, soliciting their needs and incorporating them into our arts education curriculum and our performance season.

Educational Programs

Study in the arts remains an important ingredient in any chosen field, and The Fine Arts Association is committed to offering exemplary instruction in all the arts. Our professional faculty of teaching artists provide instruction in visual artsdancetheatremusic, and creative arts therapies. Such talent and commitment have enabled us to grow into the nationally recognized cultural center that we are today.

The Education Department also creates customized off-site educational arts experiences in music, dance, theatre, the visual arts, and creative arts therapies. For information on Off-site Education Programs, contact CEO, Paul Holm at 440-951-7500 x107.

Performances and Professional Recitals

The Performance Department creates opportunities for members of our community to be involved in every aspect of the theatrical experience. From onstage to backstage to being in the audience, our community participates extraordinarily. With our new Recital Series, we will be bringing performances by professional musicians for our community to come and experience.

Supporting The Fine Arts Association

The Fine Arts Association is a private, non-profit organization that relies on the support of our friends, alumni, students and parents – people like you. Your contributions to the Annual Fund, scholarship programs, endowments, and special projects make it possible for us to continue to bring you the highest quality arts experiences. It is your support that provides much needed funding not covered by tuition and ticket sales. To learn more about ways in which you can help support the mission of The Fine Arts Association or to make an on-line donation, please visit our Donations page.