The Fine Arts Association Dance Program


The Fine Arts Association’s Dance Program allows students to enter at any level and/or style appropriate to both ability and age. Students new to FAA with previous study in dance will be scheduled for a placement assessment by appointment with a dance faculty member. Ages are approximate guidelines. Students are placed in class based on experience and current ability.

For more information, please contact Education Coordinator, Jackie DiFrangia:

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The Summer 2021 session with FAA offers both in-person and virtual options. 
Information about what FAA is doing to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here

For questions, please call (440) 951-7500 x100 during business hours

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Friday, June 4th and Saturday, June 5th, 2021 
7:30 p.m. // Corning Auditorium at The Fine Arts Association
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Recital Information
for Current Students and Families

WHEN: The 2021 Dance Recital will be on Friday, June 4th, and Saturday, June 5th at 7:30 p.m. 

WHERE: All will be held at The Fine Arts Association in the Corning Auditorium 

The Recital fee is $65.00 for each Recital class, with the exception of hip hop classes whose fee is $50.00 per hip hop class. These rates are up to five classes. If students have more than five Recital fees (excluding the E.V.E. performing companies), additional fees beyond five will be compensated. The Recital fee covers the cost of the costume and other Recital expenses such as facility rental, lighting, and sound staffing.  

Recital fees must be paid in full by Friday, March 26, 2021, by calling FAA Customer Service or paying online through ActiveNet.

All recital news and updates will be emailed to all Recital participants

The Classes and Dance Companies Below will be participating in the 2021 Dance Recital :

  • African Dance
  • Interpretive Dance
  • Ballet II- Year 2
  • Ballet V
  • Ballet IV
  • Boys Hip Hop
  • Hip Hop I
  • Hip Hop II
  • Teen Hip Hop
  • Verge Hip Hop
  • Edge Hip Hop
  • Emerge Hip Hop
  • Jazz III
  • Teen Jazz
  • Teen Contemporary (A and B)
  • Edge Contemporary
  • Tap III
  • Teen Tap

For additional questions, please email Education Coordinator, Jackie DiFrangia: 

General Information

Young dancers are offered creative movement and ballet/tap combination classes which provide a basic foundation of dance terminology and movements. Using familiar locomotor and non-locomotor steps, students develop increased coordination and spatial awareness.

Parents/guardians of preschool-age students (below kindergarten age) are requested to stay onsite during classes. Please be in proximity to the classroom space in order to assist your child with toileting needs and/or need of additional support. 

After studying at these levels, it is typical for a student to continue their dance education in classical ballet, tap and/or jazz. Serious dancers should consider pursuing study in all three styles as the demands of the profession require versatility. For tap, jazz and modern students, parallel study in ballet is strongly recommended as dancers refine placement/alignment while performing demanding stylized choreography.

Students studying in the upper levels will develop technical proficiency, style and performance qualities as they are challenged by advanced vocabulary and complex combinations.

Private instruction in dance is available. Dance classes at The Fine Arts Association are designed to provide students with a balanced and progressive instruction. For more information on available times and pricing, contact Director of Education, Michael Lund Ziegler, at 440-951-7500 x118.

Different classes have different dress requirements. Those requirements can be found here.

Photo by: Parkerfotos Photography

FAA Dance Student & Alumni Spotlights

Since 1957, The Fine Arts Association (FAA) has provided arts education to students all over Northeast Ohio. Today, alumni and current students share about their experiences at FAA and how it has impacted their lives today. 

From the student who began dancing at the age of four to pursuing a professional career in dance, to the student who made some of their best friends in the classroom, the stories are endless!