Dance Program

The Fine Arts Association’s Dance Program allows students to enter at any level and/or style appropriate to both ability and age. Students new to FAA with previous study in dance will be scheduled for a placement assessment by appointment with a dance faculty member. Ages are approximate guidelines. Students are placed in class based on experience and current ability.

Young dancers are offered creative movement and ballet/tap combination classes which provide a basic foundation of dance terminology and movements. Using familiar locomotor and non-locomotor steps, students develop increased coordination and spatial awareness.

After studying at these levels, it is typical for a student to continue their dance education in classical ballet, tap and/or jazz. Serious dancers should consider pursuing study in all three styles as the demands of the profession require versatility. For tap, jazz and modern students, parallel study in ballet is strongly recommended as dancers refine placement/alignment while performing demanding stylized choreography.

Students studying in the upper levels will develop technical proficiency, style and performance qualities as they are challenged by advanced vocabulary and complex combinations.

Spring 2020 Classes

For All Ages

For Early Childhood

For Elementary School Age

For Teens

The Fine Arts Association Dance Companies

Edge, Verge, and Emerge are FAA Dance Companies that practice year-round, enabling selected FAA students to perform in various locations throughout the region. Auditions for dance companies are required. Previous dance experience is also required. Dancers must be enrolled in a minimum of one FAA dance technique class of choice to be part of an FAA Dance Company. 

An annual Costume Fee is required for Dance Company participants. 

If interested in dancing as part of Fine Arts educationally based performance companies, please contact Michael Lund Ziegler, Director of Education at 440-951-7500 x118 for more information.

Fine Arts Dance Faculty

Early Childhood Dance Classes

Parents/guardians of preschool-age students (below kindergarten age) are requested to stay onsite during classes. Please be in proximity to the classroom space in order to assist your child with toileting needs and/or need of additional support. Please note: ages are approximate guidelines. Students are placed in class based on experience and current ability.

Private Dance Instruction

Private instruction in dance is available. Dance classes at The Fine Arts Association are designed to provide students with a balanced and progressive instruction. For more information on available times and pricing, contact Director of Education, Michael Lund Ziegler, at 440-951-7500 x118.

FAA Dance Alumni Spotlights

Dance Recital

We regretfully announce the cancellation of our 2020 Dance Recital that was scheduled for Friday, June 12th and Saturday June 13th at 7:00 p.m.

News and updates for parents and students: Further information will be given to the students in class in addition to email communication.  

For questions, please contact:

Education Coordinator, Jackie DiFrangia at (440) 951-7500 x119 or